Tayler said, “From start to finish it was the perfect day!”

What made you choose STP for your boudoir experience?
Past client of Sam’s and she’s simply amazing!

Were you nervous about your boudoir session? If yes, how was it?

No – It was so much fun, Sam knows how to make you comfortable & she is so easy to work with. Looking at the finished product really makes you feel beautiful!

What are you taking away from this experience?

It’s okay to do something for yourself and put yourself first.

Which set(s) did you utilize & which was your favorite?

Bed, couch, mirror, swing & tub. It was really hard to choose because you have so many beautiful ones!

If you utilized the payment plan for your collection, what would you tell your friends about it? Was it helpful?

Yes! It made it easier to book with the peace of mind I had time!

What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?

Getting a whole day to be pampered and not have to worry about the details and booking it. From start to finish it was the perfect day!