Mermaid Boudoir | Bambi

June 17, 2021

Mermaid Boudoir | Bambi

Time to break the mold and do something a little different. This Queen is a local Fargo-Moorhead tattoo artist and book author. She literally does it all. ¬†During one of my many tattoo appointments with her we got on the subject of boudoir and what Bambi’s dream session would be.

At Samantha Turner Photography, your imagination is the limit. Everything we do is personalized to you as a person, couple and family. Why spend money on photography that is not you?

I would have never have guessed what came next!

A mermaid session in the heart of Minnesota winter!

We set out to create some magic in the snow and ice, not someplace you would ever think to find a mermaid. Finding the beauty in a place that is unexpected is why I love photography so much. Making women feel strong, sexy and beautiful is the soul of boudoir! This is the true magic that I get to see that transformation in front of the lens. It’s almost like a light switch flicks and she begins to see the beauty radiate from within.

Who said the cold had to bother us anyway? Sure didn’t seem to bother Bambi!