Joey + Kayla | Avalon Wedding

Sometimes the perfect moment must be put on hold. After seven long months of postponements due to a global pandemic, Joey and Kayla tied the knot on June 5, 2021.

In 100-degree heat, all the festivities took place at one location, The Avalon. I love being at one location, this allows for no time to be wasted in traveling. The couple had the largest space, which allowed for the feel of multiple locations without having to deal with the Summer Heat. It was absolute perfection.

Next up came the “first look” or the reveal. This is the very first time the groom turns to view the bride. Kayla walked slowly up to Joey as he turned around and was blown away, some would say he was stunned. They laughed and hugged while taking in all of those once-in-a-lifetime precious moments and emotions made even more special by how long this loving couple had to wait for their special day.

Large wedding parties can sometimes be overwhelming, but not today. Everyone was so welcoming. From the moment we walked in the bridal party was ready to help! The whole party made us feel welcome. They made Erica and I feel like a part of their wonderful, and united family. During the formal photos which came full of laughter and cheer amongst the wedding party. Working with incredible people makes everything work and run so smoothly.

In true, Samantha Turner Photography fashion, we headed to the bride and groom’s home to take photos with the couple’s cuddly kitty cats! One of the many things I love most about wedding photography is capturing the personalities and lives of each couple captured in images that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

After spending the day capturing everything from getting ready to the first dance. The couple played the anniversary dance game-where all the married couples head out to the dance floor and the DJ slowly kicks couples off the dance floor based on how long they have been married. Joey’s grandparents were the winners, having been married for 62 years! How amazing is that?

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