Sunset Couple's Session

Love is love, and I thrive on capturing a variety of relationships. However, same-sex couples have always hit me differently. I want to capture them all and showcase their extraordinary beauty to the world!

When I meet with couples, and their first question is, “Do you photograph same-sex couples?” I want to hug them, squeeze them even.  Unfortunately, that question needs to be asked. To say that my heart aches when I hear of photographers turning away couples simply because they are same-sex would be an understatement. However, their loss is undoubtedly my gain! So please – all same-sex couples, CALL ME! xoxo 

When I first met Danielle and Emily, it was at a local PRIDE event in 2019. I was giving away a free couple’s photoshoot, and they were the lucky winners! I had no idea that I would be the real winner in this situation.

The love they share is powerful, may I dare to say life-changing. Not only between the two of them but for anyone that has the opportunity to witness it. I am forever grateful to have a front-row seat to capture this kind of love. A bold love, honest love, never backing down love.
During our most recent session together, we laughed and laughed a lot. I threw out the craziest ideas, and they were ready to do anything I requested. Including, but not limited to – adding some smoke bombs!

I look forward to many more sessions filled with laughter and joy as their love progresses. Thank you for choosing Samantha Turner Photography to capture all of the little moments!

🌈 I am your photographer!