Boudoir On Your Period

We know one of the biggest worries for our besties who mentrate is having Aunt Flow show up right before or during your session….

So let’s talk about it!

First off I think it’s really important to mention that having your session while on your period is nothing we have not seen before.

We have shot dozens of women on their periods and it is absolutely nothing to worry about! We always have our clients wear black or nude thongs under any of our clients’ closet garments which adds another layer of protection between the clothing if sanitation is your concern- and of course everything is washed and sanitized between uses! 

We also can take as many bathroom breaks as needed.

However we definitely understand that sometimes our time of the month is just truly unbearable.

If that is the case for you you can always reach out to our team and we will make sure that we can accommodate you as much as possible. 

So if you feel fine while Aunt Flow is visiting except for minor bloat or worries about things like blemishes Etc. Those are things that we can always tweak in post production so that you’re 100% in love with your images. 

Our goal is for you to always leave our studio feeling confident and uplifted and while that is definitely something that can happen while you’re menstruating – we also understand that it’s never the plan which is why we find it so important to listen to your body throughout the session and take breaks as needed.

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