Bethany shouted, “I really am a baddie!”

How was your first ever boudoir experience & why choose STP?

I only wanted the best, so I went with STP! It was amazing and so fun! Client closet has so many options and the studio set up is everything!

Were you nervous about your boudoir session? If yes, how was it?

Yes – absolutely! To put it simple Sam’s magic calmed me.

What are you taking away from this experience?

I really am a baddie! The amount of confidence I gained after seeing the photos is crazy!

Which set(s) did you utilize & which was your favorite?
Bonus Points: What made you choose the sets that you did?

Shower, Bed, Throne + Mirror, Partner & Shower. Including my partner & the shower sets were my favorite! What I’ve seen of the shower set I had to try with my partner, Ryan. It was everything!

If you utilized the payment plan for your collection, what would you tell your friends about it? Was it helpful?

Yes, that I was able to pay off my session within about 6 months. I was able to choose was worked best for me. It was super helpful and made it possible!

What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?

The energy!