January 14, 2023

We are all beautiful, strong women and we need to start seeing ourselves that way.

What made you choose STP for your boudoir experience?

I followed STP on Facebook and read all the positive experiences the variety of women had with their own boudoir experience is what ultimately made me choose STP over others in the area.

I followed her private boudoir group for well over a year before I decided to book my session. I did a mini session first and with in minutes of meeting Sam, I knew I needed a full session ASAP.

Were you nervous about your boudoir session? If yes, how was it?

Um… YES!

But those nerves quickly went away. From getting glammed up with hair and makeup (included with a full session!!) and then arriving at the studio with Sam already pumping you up the second you arrive.

You can’t help but feel comfortable around Sam.

What are you taking away from this experience?

I need to stop listening to those little negative voices in my head and start letting those positive voices shine.

We are all beautiful, strong women and we need to start seeing ourselves that way.

Which set(s) did you utilize & which was your favorite? 
Bonus Points: What made you choose the sets that you did?

Bed – Easy way to get use to how Sam poses you. Plus its silky and beautiful!!

Throne and Mirror – Can you say ROYALTY! The throne is glorious and you can’t help but feel like royalty posing on it.

In the Sheets – Choose your favorite color and show as little or as much skin as you’d like, plus cute pasties!!

Skull/Spooky – As soon as I walked in and saw this, I knew I had to use this one. The red chair is everything and I love skulls!

All the sets are wonderful, each had their own way of making me feel sexy, beautiful, and powerful. You can’t go wrong with any set you choose.

If you utilized the payment plan for your collection, what would you tell your friends about it?  
Was it helpful?

The payment plan is Everything!! So helpful and helped me decide to finally do the session.

What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?


You are laughing pretty much the whole time because Sam is just the best. You also sit back and think ‘DANG…. That’s me!’ when she shows you a sneak peak on her camera and then when you view your photos.

Sam leads you through every step of the process and you simply just show up.

I’ll admit… I chose the smallest package because I wasn’t sure I would like my pictures but still wanted to give it a try… needless to say, I upgraded!

You won’t regret choosing STP!

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