Brooke + Amanda

Sunset Engagement Session

The first email I received from Amanda + Brooke simply stated, “We dislike photos, please work our wedding.” Whenever I hear that, I take it as a challenge! An opportunity for me to prove that sessions are meant to be FUN & if they are not, you’ve hired the wrong photographer.

Luckily these two chose the correct lady for the job! We spent our time together laughing while chasing the sun! I was bursting the entire session, lots of awkward noises, sarcasm, and screams of excitement came out of my mouth. {so sorry, I’m not sorry}

After our session, I hurried home as I was PUMPED to load the images and look at them. I inserted my memory card, and it reads 700 images. Yes, within the HOUR {single hour} we were together, I took 700 photos! Like how in the actual? Needless to say, I had a challenging time narrowing the images down!

Now I only have to wait 291 days to photograph their wedding – but who is counting? {me, I am counting!}

I am your photographer 🌈 🌈 🌈