January 15, 2023

Boudoir isn’t just pictures it is an investment in yourself.

What made you choose STP?

I chose STP because of the vibe that Samantha brings. I used her sister photography business Lou Lou’s Photography for my maternity pictures and just fell in love with how she operates and the quality of her pictures.

Were you nervous about your boudoir session? If yes, how was it?


My first session was in April and I was so nervous. I chose to do a client closet consult to select outfits and I was still nervous. Sam made the whole experience magical though. She is so up beat and just gives off a supportive and encouraging vibe.

She guides everything from posing to outfit selections – even hair and makeup! Sam is the whole package and then some so if you are nervous it’s okay Sam will take care of you!

What are you taking away from this experience?

Boudoir isn’t just pictures it is an investment in yourself.

You will look at yourself in a new light and those features you thought were your worst will actually be your best. You will feel beautiful and sexy all at the same time!

Which set(s) did you utilize & which was your favorite? 
Bonus Points: What made you choose the sets that you did?

I gave Samantha full control of both of my sessions so she chose the sets for me and I’m so glad she did!

So far I have done the bed, throne+mirror, skeleton wall with the red chair, swing, claw foot tub, shower, glitz and glam, and I also used the bondage that Sam had in the client closet.

If you utilized the payment plan for your collection, what would you tell your friends about it?  
Was it helpful?

I utilized the payment plan for all my sessions and I 100% recommend it! They are interest free and it makes it easier to justify investing in yourself.

What was your favorite part of your boudoir experience?

How good I felt about myself after.

I’m a sucker for good vibes and Sam and Nikki just bring such a great atmosphere to be in.

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